Year 6 - Captive

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Nov 10, 2021

During term 5, Year 6 worked on the exciting yet mind-provoking high stakes project - Captive, where we learnt how to fight for animal’s rights. We understood that information needs to be backed up with evidence and while carrying out our personal research on animals in captivity we came across Joanne McArthur who made us realise that animals also have a voice and they express their feelings through behaviours. She is a professional photographer who decided to use her camera lens to make others aware that, despite the efforts of many, many zoos, captivity is against animals’ rights. To culminate this project, we held an art exhibition in which, through the development of mixed media techniques our children represented some of McArthur’s best photographs.

They loved it, and we hope you do too!

Animals in Captivity Presentation