We are a GOOD school with OUTSTANDING Leadership and Management. Having visited in November, Ofsted have graded the school's overall effectiveness as 'Good' and awarded us 'Outstanding' for leadership & management.

Good SchoolWithin the published report Ofsted stated that "Pupils enjoy attending The Langley Heritage Primary. This is a school in which they are well cared for, and safety is the top priority."

Having ensured a huge turnaround in outcomes at the primary school, The Senior Leadership Team states that establishing a safe, welcoming and exciting environment were key drivers in their recent 'Good' grade. Ofsted noticed the hard work undertaken by staff to ensure that "Pupils find their learning interesting and engaging." One pupil told the inspection team that, ‘we get challenged to see how far we can push our limits’.

The Langley Heritage Primary offers pupils a 'distinctive approach to learning' that builds of the ambitions of the national curriculum. There is a helpful focus on bringing learning to life, through their approach to Museum and Outdoor learning that ensures children have the opportunity to engage with the topics in hand through engaging
with experts, museum objects, stories and the schools thriving outdoor environment that currently houses an Iron Age Roundhouse, a traditional Traveller wagon, an allotment and a small farm home to four goats and a number of chickens.

'The 'Outstanding' judgement for Leadership & Management Leaders has been a wonderful achievement' says the headteacher, however she acknowledges that it is only possible due to the hard work of all of her staff and their dedication for improving the lives of the children they teach. Having successfully improved every aspect of the school since the previous inspection. Ofsted noted 'This is now a school where all pupils achieve well across a range of subjects. The pastoral care provided, especially for the most vulnerable pupils, is a strength of the school.

Leaders at all levels share the same passion for high-quality education, based on the school values of curiosity, exploration and discovery. They ensure that pupils are excited by their learning and that none are disadvantaged in any way. For example, the school organised a trip to the London museums for the weekend following the inspection, with 250 pupils and family members due to participate.'

Pupils learn well because teaching builds on previous knowledge. Pupils’ learning experiences, including relevant trips, help them to remember what they have learned. Teachers also make helpful links between different areas of learning.

Please click on the link below to view a PDF of our report.  Alternatively, you can download the report directly from the Ofsted website HERE.

The Langley Heritage Primary Ofsted Report

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Latest Tweets

@LangleyHeritage - Jan 26
'What was the greatest achievement of Ancient Civilizations?' Our children explored the Museum of Antiquities to help answer this big question - they looked at objects from the ancient world and discovered more about Ancient Egyptian life.
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 19
The Designer, Maker, User exhibition at the - 1000 items of twentieth and twenty-first-century design viewed through the eyes of the designer, manufacturer and user. We also learnt about Yinka Illori and his influence on community art projects.
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 19
During the recent Royal visit to Slough, HRH Prince William spoke to Aida and Ibby, From Together as One about the Hive Youth Club and said how impressed he was with their incredible work. Can you spot some of our children in The Hive in the promo banner behind Prince William?
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 18
Thanks to The Museum of English Rural Life for bringing Wind in The Willows to life – a brass kettle, gaiters, a picnic basket and a laundry tub, to name a few of the objects kindly loaned to us to complement our own collection.
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 17
A wonderful start to our new topic - People Who Help Us and Real-Life Superheroes. Our local police officers talked to our children about their job and showed their police car and an incredibly loud siren. Our children loved asking lots of questions. Thank you
@LangleyHeritage - Dec 13
Our teachers also got a piece of the pantomime action with an opportunity to take part in Cinderella. Our children loved seeing their teachers on stage! Thank you to the talented for a fantastic performance.
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 22
Thank you, Strom, Jet, Flash and Iceberg from Riverways Farm, for visiting us today. The build-up to Christmas has begun.
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 22
An immersive experience at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Actress Florence shared her experiences, the problems she faced, and the perseverance and resilience needed to follow her dreams. We saw Florence's legacy and Mary Seacole's, a Jamaican nurse
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 21
Our finalists! Voting has begun. Our children created clothing that reflects their personality using recycled materials and inspiration from their recent V&A Museum trip.
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 16
Thank you, Marva Carty for opening our new library and your fun colourful books. Marva paid homage to her Caribbean roots whilst teaching valuable lessons ‘Everything tastes sweeter when you share’ and ‘sharing the love of reading gives joy and teaches you many things.’
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 13
To help us explore 'How earth changed over time' year 3 visited . Through dramatic footage, interactive games and NHM's famous earthquake simulator, we explored how powers within shape the world in which we live.
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 11
We had an amazing session in the Hive with Year 5 & 6 celebrating different faiths. Our children got very creative, decorating biscuits to reflect different faiths and festivals ahead of
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 3
We are lucky to have a royal residence so close to our school. Windsor Castle was our destination. We explored what it was like living in an 11th-century castle. Bringing history to life
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 2
Today our Year 3s were introduced to their science topic - ‘Rocks.’ We used our Flint Tool collection to help our children think about material characteristics, their properties and how they affect their use.
@LangleyHeritage - Oct 22
The blitz, blackouts, the power of propaganda, prominent war figures and our own local war history were a few of the things our children investigated. Our children loved the fact that our school was a Hawker Hurricane test site during the war.
@LangleyHeritage - Oct 21
The power of creativity at the V&A museum! As part of our DT ‘upcycling’ project, creating clothing relevant to them and their identity, our year 5 explored fashion and cultural clothing through the years.
@LangleyHeritage - Oct 21
Collaborative working in ICT! Three classes demonstrated how we can all work together even when we are not working in the same room. All three classes worked on the same document to project plan!
@LangleyHeritage - Oct 21
Our Year 3 bringing learning to life.....
@LangleyHeritage - Oct 20
Developing skills to be historians! Our Museum Learning team helped us explore different sources to learn more about the past. We analysed Winston Churchill’s ‘War of the Unknown Warriors’ speech - its purpose and how it may have been received at the time.
@LangleyHeritage - Oct 13
We are so proud to receive our Race Mark Award and for being recognized nationally for creating an inclusive culture where all ethnicities are equally valued. We are particularly delighted our award was presented during
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