Vision for our Curriculum

Our curriculum values - ‘Because education is where true and lasting value is created’

In everything we do we believe children and people can impact change. Our curriculum redefines our relationship with teaching and learning through the broad make up of curriculum subjects, taken from the national curriculum and our exciting enrichment opportunities of Museum Learning, our high stakes projects and personal development opportunities Our conscious curriculum, which is globally diverse and inclusive, represent all our children and their cultural backgrounds are valued. There are positive role models and achievements of people from a range of ethnicities are reflected in our curriculum. Teaching is framed around acquiring knowledge and exploring learning through investigative, ethical, moral questioning and solving problems. The learning is also underpinned by our unique school values which create a learning-friendly culture and a language for learning which develops each child’s learning character.  We believe in developing the whole child physically, mentally and spiritually. These skills will enable them to succeed in a diverse world. The impact is powerful and leads to ethical, resilient and adaptable learners who can think differently, manage information and understand the importance of making a positive contribution to their own and wider society.

 “An ethical, relational approach to our curriculum is also strengthening teacher agency between what we do and why we do it.  Outcomes matter but should never be used to define the work of teachers per se.  The real worth of teachers’ work can be found in the behaviours and exchanges we adopt through learning centred relationships.  Moral purpose becomes tangible only through the quality of interaction we find in our schools.  This not only models ethical professional learning but also reinforce to students that they are worth much more than a grade.”

Rob Carpenter – Climbing the Hill

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Curriculum Policy