LHP 28


How do I apply for Reception 2021?

Applications need to be made through Slough Borough Council online. The deadline for 2021 admissions is Friday 15th January 2021. Offers will be made on Friday 16th April 2021 and will be made through Slough Borough Council.

Do I need to complete any Admission Forms with the school?

You will not need to complete any forms with the school, we will contact you with Admission Forms once you are offered a space at our school.

How can I apply for a space at your school if I have just moved into the area or in the middle of an academic year?

You will need to make an in year application through Slough Borough Council using the following link:

Slough Schools and Learning School Admissions

Before your child starts school with us you will also need to complete one of our school application forms.

Application Form