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@LangleyHeritage - May 25
Team building, flora and fauna hunting, den building, and marshmallow melting on a campfire were all part of the fun on our Year 4's recent trip to Viney Hill, Forest of Dean.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 25, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - May 25
Live a day in my shoes! Our reception children made art to explore and represent the lives of others as part of 'The world around us' topic.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 25, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - May 19
Do you want to ignite our children's curiosity and encourage them to explore and make discoveries? Come and join our inclusive and welcoming team. To find out more, click on the link:— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 19, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - May 16
Our community came together for ‘The Big Help Out’ at . Pupils and families helped alongside TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Louis's first-ever royal engagement!!— The Arbib Education Trust () May 16, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Mar 18
Just posted a photo— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () March 18, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Mar 4
What a Whoopsy whiffling day we had! Here are some of our children and staff fantastic costumes.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () March 4, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Mar 3
World Book Week is here! During our weekly assembly, we talked about how to pick a book to read based on your interests.Let us know how you pick new books and how you inspire your children to read more. Do you often read as an adult?— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () March 3, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Feb 27
Just posted a photo— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () February 27, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Feb 23
The tree of life stands tall and proud amongst the fallen trees taken by deforestation. Akshaya created a single tree that stands out in its beauty; the buttons represent the fallen but never forgotten trees.— The Arbib Education Trust () February 23, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Feb 3
Our children explored the incredible underwater world SEA LIFE London Aquarium™, the different habitats - sweltering tropics, tidal rock pools, and weird and unusual creatures. They also learnt about how we can preserve them for the future.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () February 3, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 31
How do we know dinosaurs existed? Our Year 2 students became palaeontologists for the day, using their mathematical and critical thinking skills to investigate real fossils and undertake fieldwork to help them uncover more about the Jurassic Period.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () January 31, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 26
'What was the greatest achievement of Ancient Civilizations?' Our children explored the Museum of Antiquities to help answer this big question - they looked at objects from the ancient world and discovered more about Ancient Egyptian life.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () January 26, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 19
The Designer, Maker, User exhibition at the - 1000 items of twentieth and twenty-first-century design viewed through the eyes of the designer, manufacturer and user. We also learnt about Yinka Illori and his influence on community art projects.#MuseumLearning— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () January 19, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 19
During the recent Royal visit to Slough, HRH Prince William spoke to Aida and Ibby, From Together as One about the Hive Youth Club and said how impressed he was with their incredible work. Can you spot some of our children in The Hive in the promo banner behind Prince William?— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () January 19, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 18
Thanks to The Museum of English Rural Life for bringing Wind in The Willows to life – a brass kettle, gaiters, a picnic basket and a laundry tub, to name a few of the objects kindly loaned to us to complement our own collection.#museumlearning— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () January 18, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Jan 17
A wonderful start to our new topic - People Who Help Us and Real-Life Superheroes. Our local police officers talked to our children about their job and showed their police car and an incredibly loud siren. Our children loved asking lots of questions. Thank you— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () January 17, 2023
@LangleyHeritage - Dec 13
Our teachers also got a piece of the pantomime action with an opportunity to take part in Cinderella. Our children loved seeing their teachers on stage! Thank you to the talented for a fantastic performance.#pantomime— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () December 13, 2022
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 22
Thank you, Strom, Jet, Flash and Iceberg from Riverways Farm, for visiting us today. The build-up to Christmas has begun.#reindeers— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () November 22, 2022
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 22
An immersive experience at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Actress Florence shared her experiences, the problems she faced, and the perseverance and resilience needed to follow her dreams. We saw Florence's legacy and Mary Seacole's, a Jamaican nurse— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () November 22, 2022
@LangleyHeritage - Nov 21
Our finalists! Voting has begun. Our children created clothing that reflects their personality using recycled materials and inspiration from their recent V&A Museum trip.#recycling— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () November 21, 2022
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