LHP 87



In Years 1 & 2, the children continue to follow the programme, again working in groups determined by rate of progress.  During their phonics sessions, as well as revising and learning new phonic sounds, the children will apply and develop their phonic and reading skills whilst reading a range of phonic books, both fiction and non-fiction.  The children are encouraged to develop the ability to read at speed, with fluency and expression, and to read ‘like a story-teller’ and discuss many aspects of the book in order to answer comprehension questions verbally.  The content of these books becomes gradually more complex.

Once pupils are able to decode confidently, the focus shifts to developing pupils’ comprehension skills.

Read widely, read often & know the love of a good book/story

Our curriculum is designed to ensure children build resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and reciprocity; the corner stones of any good English curriculum. Through the study of the national curriculum and the use of learning powers in English our children will grow and be able to communicate through a variety of means, (spoken, written, listening and other mixed media) to prepare them for any future role they may take. At the heart of our English curriculum will be a range of different cultural texts which will be enjoyed, engaged with and explored for meaning promoting a love of great literature. The curriculum will ensure confidence in exploring their thoughts and ideas through debates, critical thinking and memorable experiences. The curriculum will to expand their knowledge, understanding of the world and support them in finding meaning through the stories they read.