LHP 87



Early reading is taught through Ruth Miskin Phonics where our children learn the skills to begin their reading journey, enabling all our children to be fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One. We use the Talk for Writing approach to ensure our children can communicate through a variety of means, (spoken, written, listening and other mixed media) and to successfully prepare them for life in the modern world. In Reading, we use the Talk for Reading approach to develop pupils into efficient, effective, thoughtful, and strategic readers who can learn about life and discover information.

Our English Literacy canon has a range of diverse cultural texts which are enjoyed, engaged with, and explored for meaning promoting a love of great literature. The curriculum ensures confidence in exploring their thoughts and ideas through debates, critical thinking and memorable experiences. It expands their knowledge, understanding of the world and supports them in finding meaning through the stories they read. The impact of our English curriculum is that our pupils became great communicators with the skills and knowledge to support the next phase of their education.