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At The Langley Heritage Primary Nursery we are working on becoming independent and confident learners. We are developing early maths, literacy, communication and science concepts through play. We experiment, explore, ask questions, work together, take risks and celebrate together, developing a love of learning and the confidence that we can achieve anything.

In Reception we are continuing the progression that children have begun while in Nursery. We are developing their use of phonics, numbers and problem solving. We achieve this high level of development by encouraging the children to be independent in their learning and follow their own lines of enquiry. We encourage the children to take risks, work together and enjoy their love for learning. These skills will follow them through their journey into year 1 and beyond.


For children starting with us in September 2021, please watch our video all about Reception.

IMG 1317Key Stage 1

In Year One at Langley Heritage Primary we focus on developing early Maths and Literacy skills to ensure that all children are equipped for future learning. We provide ‘hands on’ practical lessons which take account of children’s interests and starting points and provide resources and experiences that enable children to develop independence and self-confidence. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to work collaboratively, learn from their mistakes, show their individual strengths and talents and be a part of the school and wider community.

At The Langley Heritage Primary, Year 2 is full of exploration from digging for dinosaurs to exploring our school grounds. We grow in our journeys and start by exploring our own identities and our community. The skills we learn in Year 2 help us to grow and nourish our ideas and creativity for our future years.

IMG 1516Key Stage 2

In Year 3 & 4, we are working on developing young minds to become independent learners.  We are using a practical approach filled with experiences to develop creative minds.  Through our varied, engaging curriculum we aim to develop the confidence of our children and to start to prepare them for Year 5 & 6, the rest of their school journey and adult lives.  We aim to develop a growth mindset within our children to make them understand that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.  We will work together, experiment together, play together, grow together, celebrate together and learn together.

At the Langley Heritage Primary the Year 5 & 6 team believe that children are the key element for future change. Our current curriculum focuses on teaching the National Curriculum, ensuring links across subjects and embedding the teaching with enrichment opportunities, outdoor learning experiences and recognising the benefits of our diverse community. However, we decided to add a twist, introducing our High-Stakes projects and handing the responsibility over to our children! We have designed interesting and exciting projects, merging knowledge and creating cross-curricular links that will help children to drive their projects in a more autonomous way. This will make every outcome unique and it will depend on the level of commitment of each project group; what an adventure!

Latest Tweets

@LangleyHeritage - Jun 20
Year 4’s first school residential! An unforgettable 2-day outdoor adventure. They bravely slept away from home and enjoyed workshops with , learning fire-making, tent-building, knot-tying, cooking, and crafting. A fun day at Black Park capped it off.— The Arbib Education Trust () June 20, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Jun 19
What’s the difference between palaces and castles? Lady Alice guided us around the palace, showing us various spots to help us plan a tutor-style party. 🏰✨— The Arbib Education Trust () June 19, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Jun 19
Thank you to our amazing teachers, leaders, and support staff for everything you do every day. Today, throughout our schools we reflect on your incredible impact. A big congratulations to our nominees! 🙏— The Arbib Education Trust () June 19, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Jun 3
Celebrating our diversity! 🌍We're all unique, and that's what makes life interesting! Exploring our differences helps us learn new things and work together. We all have the same rights and the right to be happy.#Desree— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () June 3, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - May 24
🎶 Join us on June 24th for a musical journey through time with The Heritage Harmonies! Everyone's invited. Don’t miss out! Get your tickets via the QR code or at— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 24, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - May 24
Our sixth form Young Enterprise students shared their startup experience with Primary Year 6, inspiring new enterprise projects and fostering teamwork.— The Arbib Education Trust () May 24, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - May 24
Celebrating our diversity! 🌍We're all unique, and that's what makes life interesting! Exploring our differences helps us learn new things and work together. We all have the same rights and the right to be happy. #CulturalDiversity— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 24, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - May 16
Our aspiring Olympian rowers had an inspiring Q&A with James Fox MBE! From first strokes on the water to winning gold, they delved into the hard work and dedication needed. Huge thanks to James for sharing his pearls of wisdom! OlympicRowers— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 16, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - May 8
🏆 Proud moment alert! Our year 5 and 6 boys football team did us all proud, winning the Slough schools final for the second year running! Their great performance showcased not just skill, but also our core school values. Massive congratulations to our incredible team! ⚽️— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 8, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - May 1
🌿🐾 Bringing learning to life at ! Our children explored the fascinating world of animals, their habitats, compared environments, and discovered the wonders of nature's changes through the seasons. 🦁🍃— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () May 1, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 29
A big thank you to for our gorgeous candles! Taking a relaxing bath by candlelight is the perfect way to unwind. A gift to our staff and our parents to promote the importance of our wellbeing.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () April 29, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 26
Music unites! Our talented singers from schools across Slough came together this week for an amazing collaboration! Music brings joy and connection. Thank you to— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () April 26, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 26
Are you part of a band? Can you sing, play an instrument or dance? If so Would you like to perform in the Heritage Fest? We would love to see you perform. Contact us at to sign up 🎤🎸— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () April 26, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 23
🌍 Our Heritage children are on a mission for a greener future! On , they dove into the battle against plastic pollution, discussing solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. Let's join hands to safeguard our planet for generations to come. Are you in?— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () April 23, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 19
Do you want to work in a fun and welcoming school where your wellbeing and professional development are taken seriously And…. You feel valued?To find out more or to apply, click on the link: share with anybody you think may be interested.— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () April 19, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 19
🌲Upton Orienteering! 🚩Our young explorers embarked on a journey through , armed with maps and lettered flags they raced around the park to piece words together to complete the challenge. 🌳— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () April 19, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Apr 4
⏳ Don't miss out! Last few spaces available! Apply now for a space to train with us✅ Gain invaluable classroom experience ✅ Benefit from a curriculum designed by experts ✅ Receive personalised support from a dedicated mentor!— The Arbib Education Trust () March 28, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Mar 28
Our Head Boy and Girl, along with our dedicated subject ambassadors, had the honour of meeting with our senior team. They shared invaluable insights into life at TLHP and how they're embracing learning within their subjects. Their passion and dedication inspire us all!— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () March 28, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Mar 25
Mystery solving mode activated!🔍Our young detectives embarked on a quest to crack the stolen money case! With 6 suspects on the radar, they examined evidence, scrutinised handwriting, analysed clothing fibres, and even searched for DNA samples, fingerprints, and footprints!— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () March 25, 2024
@LangleyHeritage - Mar 25
🔬Science Week was a brilliant success! From conducting experiments with our secondary students to doing their our own experiments. Here's a glimpse of the equipment we used to fuel our scientific explorations. 🧪 🔍— TheLangleyHeritagePrimary () March 25, 2024
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