Museum Learning goes hand-in-hand with Outdoor Learning. This helps our children learn and care about the environment. Our Outdoor Learning Leader runs special sessions for children, to make the most of our large outdoor space. 

Family Learning is important to us, as parents you will be invited to take part in activities like our free Family Coach to London and our trip to the Jurassic Coast.

You can see our vision for Museum Learning and read more about it here.

Hidden away on our site at The Langley Heritage Primary is a replica Iron Age Round House. Made by our students with help from a specialist, you walk in and are transported to a different time. It is quiet, but you can hear the soft creaks of the wattle and daub walls. You can smell the sweet straw roof. It is a place to think and learn.

At The Langley Heritage Primary, Museum Learning works across the curriculum. Children take part in trips and visits, we have exciting objects in the classroom and invite special guests to share their ideas.